HA9000A – Automatic Sliding Gate

The HF9000 automatic cantilever sliding gate has a manual release mechanism concealed within the lockable housing unit, allowing manual control of the gate in the event of a power failure.

To aid in the safety aspect of the automatic cantilevered sliding gate, the portal is fitted with dual height photo cells and rubber profile safety edges.

The gate is operated by a programmable logic controller, operated via an inverter, which allows for programming of various parameters such as gate speed, passage timeout, automatic opening times, free exit loop operating times etc.

Proximity sensors mounted in the main portal read the moving gate leaf, indicating the start and end of the travel cycle.

Towards the back of the gate’s opening area, a floor mounted support roller supports the weight of the gate in the fully open position.

Anti-climb spikes are optional for gates over 1500mm high.

CE Approved BS/EN 12453

250mm x 225mm extruded aluminium beam
Infill – 30mm diameter x 6mm wall thickness

Power requirement:
Single phase 230v, 50Hz, 10 amps

Drive motor:
0.75kw’s – 1.1kw’s, 3 phase

Maximum span:
10 metres drive through
(14.5 metres overall) single leaf

Maximum height:
2.4 metres (maximum width 10 metres)
3.0 metres (maximum width 6.0 metres)

Duty cycle:

Operation time:
4 seconds per metre (variable)

2 pack oven baked epoxy coated
Extensive range of colours and colour
combinations available

Linear driven, 3 phase motor via an inverter and
programmable logic controller

Access controls:
Proximity card readers, keypads, remote control fobs, push-button control raise/stop/lower, intercom system/video system, token acceptor

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