HF7200 – Heavy Duty Raising Bollard

The HF7300 employs a simple yet effective electro-hydraulic mechanism ensuring smooth and efficient movement of the bollard. There is the additional benefit of our manual override facility, ensuring the bollard remains operational in the event of an emergency or power failure. The electronic control unit allows the systems to be operated in either automatic or semi-automatic mode, they can easily be integrated with access control and safety equipment, traffic lights, photocells and ground loops. There is an additional optional feature which allows the bollard to be automatically lowered in the event of a power failure.

The HF7300 are high specification bollards suitable for duty cycles of up to 300 per day.

The use of fluorescent coloured labels secured around the top of the bollard ensures its visibility at all times. Accordingly, the top of the bollard is designed to match the pattern at the top of the floor panel, effectively camouflaging the bollard when it is lowered.

Constructed in dark grey steel, the bollard could be effectively incorporated into any given location.

The steel finish of the HF7300 lends a professional durable appearance to the product.

CE approved
Electro-hydraulic, steel tube, automatic rising bollard

Power requirement:
Single phase 230v, 50Hz

Absorbed current:
1.8 amps

Motor rotation speed:
2800 rpm

Duty cycle:
Up to 300 cycles per 24 hours

Overall dimensions:
Weight – 102kg
Base – 410mm x 410mm 845mm below ground
Bollard – 200mm x 500mm

Operation time:
6 seconds

Available finishes:
Dark grey steel

Self-contained hydraulic pump and piston

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