HF9000 cantilever

BS/EN 12453 Compliant

The HF9000 automatic cantilevered sliding gate complies with safety features announced under the EU standards and regulations. Five profiled safety edges are fitted as standard which are permanently monitored and evaluated by safety switch devices.

Constant monitoring is achieved using the closed-circuit principle. The last safety contact edge in a possible serial connection is fitted with a terminal resistor, which is continuously monitored by an electronic evaluation unit. This design allows the entire circuit to be monitored for shorts and wire breaks.

In the unlikely event of a fault, messages will be transmitted from the safety edge control unit instructing the gate to be stopped.

Dual-height photo cells are fitted for safety to pedestrians and vehicles on all of our HF9000 automatic sliding gates. A programmable logic controller, operated via an inverter allows the gate settings to be adjusted to the customer’s individual requirements.

Installation/building requirements
The HF9000 automatic sliding gate is manufactured and fully assembled and tested within our UK production factory thus minimising disruption on site. The gate is delivered ready to be lowered on to pre-installed concrete plinths.

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