HF9000 – Sliding Gate System

Where the use of conventional swinging gates are not feasible due to space restrictions, the HF9000 automatic cantilevered sliding gate by Parking Facilities is an easy to install, ideal solution.

Established as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and installers of high quality manual and automatic sliding cantilever gates, Parking Facilities manufacture in-house to your individual requirements ensuring the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. We offer a bespoke service from design to manufacture where we can supply a custom built gate to match existing fencing/surroundings ensuring that the finished product is exactly what is required.

The standard round tube infill can be replaced by a variety of infill options including D or W profile palisade pales, timber panels, solid sheeting and various mesh panels to integrate perfectly with all fence types.

The cantilever design means that the gate is supported from one end as it opens and closes, so there is no need for a track to be fitted across the entrance. With “no track required” installed across the gate opening, a single leaf cantilever gate can span widths of up to 10m and be installed on uneven ground, over block-paving, grass, gravel or even water.

The gate glides on two sets of support/guide rollers, fixed to a concrete foundation, hidden within the main lower beam extrusion protecting them from the elements ensuring a reliable, smooth and virtually silent operation.

The HF9000 automatic cantilevered sliding gate is constructed using both aluminium and steel.

The moving leaf of the gate including the main lower beam extrusion, the top and bottom rails, the main gate uprights and the 30mm dia. infill tubes are all made from aluminium in a welded construction.

The portal tower is made from folded laser cut steel-sheet profile and reinforcement plates in a welded construction. A steel lockable access door in the portal houses the drive mechanism together with the fully programmable control panel.