HF5750 – Speed Ramp (50mm)

The HF5750 speed ramp is manufactured from heavy duty recycled PVC segments.

The design offers early visual warning and provides a highly effective method of restricting speed.

The speed ramp is available in two alternate heights, consequently applying differing speed restrictions, with the 50mm version reducing vehicles to speeds of 15-20 mph and the 75mm version reducing vehicles to speeds of 5-10 mph.

The HF5750 can be laid in multiple lengths by simply interlocking each of the 500mm wide sections securely with four fixing bolts for extra stability.

The 75mm option also includes a centre run cable tunnel for temporary traffic lights, fair grounds, water supplies etc.

It is recommended that signage is used in conjunction with speed ramps to warn on coming traffic.

Traffic calming speed ramp

Product material:
Recycled pvc

End cap 2.7kg mid section 8.6kg

Universal fixings for tarmac or concrete (supplied)
Central segments require 4no bolts
End caps require 2no bolts

Key features:
Package included end caps, mid sections and fixings
Integral cable trunk
Non-slip textured surface
Embedded cats eyes as standard
High visibility yellow sections contrasting with pure black sections

product image oneproduct image two